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ECS Solar is the only company with a comprehensive package that both conserves and produces energy at the same time. We are committed to your 100% satisfaction and have all the systems in place, coupled with our well-trained employees that welcome the opportunity to serve your family. Stay awhile, and discover more about our products and offerings below.

The Best Solar Panels. Seriously.

Every component we use must meet at least three times IEC requirements. In the climate test chamber, our panels are tested with a temperature shock test for 9,125 cycles, matching the number of days in our 25-year warranty. IEC Standards require only 200 cycles.

Do other panels measure up to the ECS standard of quality?

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Energy Storage

This intelligent energy storage system allows you to save money every day by harvesting energy from your solar pv system or the grid when it's cheapest and using the stored energy from the battery to power your home when rates are more expensive.

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Energy Efficient GAP Package

Our GAP package fills in the gaps between conservation and production. In order for solar to make the most sense, it is important to conserve as much energy as possible to maximize the effect of the energy you produce. Our GAP package focuses on the area of the home where the most energy is unintentionally wasted - your attic!

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Solar Pool Heaters

Have you vowed to finally have a great solar pool heater once and for all? We include a full line of solar pool heating panels that offer the best durability and performance in the market. Heating your pool with solar energy will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year when compared to gas heaters, electric heaters and heat pumps.

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Solar Water Heaters

We offer solar hot water systems that will provide all the hot water needed for your home using free and abundant solar energy - even in cloudy weather!

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